Top 7 Reasons Why Sydney Homeowners Should Have Pergolas

Top 7 Reasons Why Sydney Homeowners Should Have Pergolas

Sydney homeowners who contract builders to construct customized pergolas in their homes have increased in numbers in the recent months. The COVID-19 pandemic has been one factor for this because it forced homeowners to quarantine themselves in their residences and thus gave them more time to reflect on renovating their property. Now that summertime is at its peak, pergolas appear to be a good way to further enliven the spirits of Australians. Here are 7 specific reasons why Sydney homeowners should have pergolas:

No.1: They are perfect to have during this summer season

The previous spring has inspired more gardening and other yard work to be done.

Now that it’s the height of summer, people have more reason to have pergolas in their homes because they will then have a well-ventilated outdoor space where they can sit back and appreciate all the work that they have been doing for their gardens.


1st pergola design


No.2: Pergolas are versatile structures and can be easily integrated

Other family spaces can easily be attached to pergolas. For example, we at Urban Exteriors, commonly provide integrated work like layering pergolas on top of decks.

We also both build pergolas that are directly attached to the house as well as pergolas that are freestanding in the garden area.


2nd Pergola Design

We can also custom-build a pergola for it to have a retractable canopy. This will allow you to get more shade while still enjoying the open air.

No.3: They are ideal to use as additional living space

Pergolas are perfect for bonding with your kids, doing morning book reads, or having an evening barbecue.

For entertainment and relaxation purposes, pergolas are the way to go. You can even use your pergola as your home workout space for doing exercises like yoga.


3rd Pergola Design


No.4: Pergolas provide an alternative to outdoor socialization

It is embedded in Australian culture to engage in outdoor socialization like sharing coffee with friends at cafes.

However, due to the pandemic, this practice has been difficult to fully exhibit.

Pergolas provide a safe, private space where homeowners can invite their select friends and not have to worry of getting into contact with numerous other people.


4th Pergola Design


No.5: They provide a landscaping structure for your plants

Because pergolas are designed to have open-spaced pillars and beams, homeowners can use them as anchors for crawling plants such as firethorn, details ivy, passionflower, and wisteria.

These climbing plants will then serve as natural draping curtains which look magnificent when the sunlight touches them.


5th Pergola Design


No.6: Pergolas are a trademark of the culture and lifestyle in Sydney

One of the best places to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating summer time is Sydney.

Pergolas provide the perfect complement to the warm aura of the city.

After coming from the beach, homeowners can use pergolas for additional open air quality time such as playing musical instruments with friends or listening to music.


6th Pergola Design


No.7: Pergolas are durable structures that will last for many years

If you choose among the best and most knowledgeable pergola builders to do the work, your pergola will last for up to 10 years before requiring repair.

In our case at Urban Exteriors, we actually do provide 10 years of warranty to our clients.

Pergolas are therefore a worthy investment in terms of build quality and the quantity of time that you can make use out of them.


7th Pergola Design


Those are the 7 reasons why Sydney homeowners should hire a professional builder to create their dream pergola.

If you are looking for highly knowledgeable pergola builders, call us on 02 9872 7716.

At Urban Exteriors, we are not only experts in pergola design and building, we also work on sunrooms.

We have been doing our business for 40 years so you can be sure that we are very much capable of constructing your dream pergola. Let’s go build it, shall we?

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