Sunroom Designs: 3 Stunning Ideas

Sunroom Designs: 3 Stunning Ideas

With options for having floor to ceiling windows and a great view of the surroundings, sunrooms are perfect for morning coffee, lazy afternoons, and cozy nights.


Whether you want to bask in the morning glow of the sun or take comfort in the rhythmic sound of the rain, find inspiration from these amazing sunroom designs.

Good to sea you

Add a nautical twist to your home with beach-inspired sunrooms. Make yours pop out by painting the walls white with a distressed finish and accentuating your cabinets, coffee table, or console with turquoise to bring that calm deep blue ocean vibe. To make your sunrooms cozy without losing the coastal feel, complement the space with wicker furniture in subtle hues with cushions slipcovered in navy or white. Add a pop of color with a sailor stripes cottage rug. Complete the coastal ambiance by adding sea ornaments such as mirrors in coral frame, vintage ship helm, and chandelier made of seashell. You can also add a bit of the tropics by placing indoor palm trees like kentia and parlour palms in pots with shell accents.


Cabin in the woods

If you have a vacation house situated in a woody part near Sydney, a cabin-inspired sunroom is the perfect addition. Blend contemporary and rustic with wood panels and exposed brick walls. Complement your walls with either medium or hard tone hardwood floors to exude that rustic feel. Make a focal point in your sunrooms with a stone fireplace perfect for cold nights. Put a chaise lounge in dark leather for nights you want to catch up on your books. To lend the space a sense of authenticity and the classic cabin feel, fill it with plush and warm decor. Go for wrought-iron light fixtures, brown leather sofas, and heavy wooden tables in dark tones. Introduce some rustic yet contemporary elements to your space with the addition of throw pillows in bear, elk, and deer pillowcases, wicker baskets, and throw blankets in neutral tones. If you don’t know where to start in creating your own sunroom, seek Sydney sunroom professionals who can transform your space into the perfect all-weather retreat.

dining room

Asian flavor

Create the perfect tranquil escape by adding a touch of Zen in your sunrooms. To achieve a sense of calm and balance, surround your sunrooms with small plants like bonsai and cactus. Go for a glass ceiling that will allow more light into the living space. Use light hardwood floors or bamboo for that Zen feel. To give the place a relaxing appeal, use floor length airy and white curtains. Furnished the space with a sofa in white linen cover for that clean and minimal look. Don’t be afraid to display your creativity by adding oriental touches to your sunrooms like framed leaves, wood carvings, or marimo moss balls. Just remember that with Zen, less is more. So avoid cramming in a lot of décor in the place as it may ruin the mood. Add a final touch with a koi pond complete with a bamboo fountain.


Watch this video of Zen-inspired interior design ideas:

Don’t know where to start? Hire sunroom professionals in Sydney like Urban Exteriors and be a step closer to finally building your dream sunroom.

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