Professional Patio Builders vs. DIY: Which is the better choice?

  Outdoor projects like patios add charm and character to rather plain looking properties. But similar to building any outdoor structure, building a patio is no walk in the park. It requires careful planning and precise execution. Following the decision to build a patio normally comes the question: “Should I do it myself or should I hire professional builders?”  

Patio Basics

Adding a patio to your property does not only affect your outdoor space but impacts your house as well. A tastefully and beautifully designed outdoor space that complements your home’s overall aesthetics can increase your property’s curb appeal and make it easy for you to sell it in the future or simply make your yard more enjoyable. Making it as a DIY project assumes that you know about basic considerations including materials, drainage, electrical wirings, and roofing. If you don’t have sufficient experience working on these things, then DIY is definitely not the way to go. Aside from the possibility of ending up with structural failure, it could become a costly and stressful project for you.  


Hiring professionals to build your patio is not as expensive as you think. In fact, it may be more costly if you do it on your own. For one, you have to factor in the cost for construction mistakes. Since you are not a professional patio builder, you are bound to commit mistakes here and there and it would totally impact the overall patio cost. With a team of professional patio builders, however, there is little to zero room for mistakes. Also, you save a great deal of time because professional builders are apparently more efficient at this than you are. We all know that time equates to money. If you do the math, you actually save more money by hiring Pros.  

Making The Right Choices

Building a patio can be a fun and challenging activity for you. Maybe not. A lot of people find it overwhelming, especially when selecting the right materials and construction methods. With a wide array of materials available out there, just trying to narrow down your choices can become stressful. You know what we will make things easier? Hiring Pros. These people are backed by years of experience and can tell you instantly which materials would go nicely with the design that you have in mind. At Urban Exteriors, we even handle all Council approvals to make the project stress-free for our clients.  


Budget aside, you have to consider your timeline. Are you building your patio in time for summer or for a special family outdoor gathering? Do you have the time to spend on a gargantuan DIY project like this? If you have the experience plus the time, then go for DIY. If not, then consider hiring a team of professional patio builders. Professional builders like Urban Exteriors follow an efficient process that ensures projects are completed on time.  

Leave it to the Pros

Simply put, without the necessary experience, building a patio should be left to the hands of the professionals. It is simply not a DIY project that you should take on, especially if you want to save time and money and end up with a high quality patio.   Need to know the patio cost? Contact Urban Exteriors now and ask for a free quote. Call 02 9872 7716 now!

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