Pergola Designs: Turning ordinary outdoor areas into breathtaking living spaces

  Give your property a facelift with a gorgeous pergola. No matter how small or big your yard is, it can be transformed into the perfect outdoor oasis with a simple addition of a pergola. Don’t know where to start? We have rounded up some pergola designs and tips on how you can make your dream outdoor space a reality.  

Pergola Designs

If you want a stunning pergola that has the ‘WOW!’ factor, check out Urban Exterior’s Signature Range. It has chunky beams and posts made of high quality materials and an overall design that exudes an upscale character. Its modern look will level up the look of an otherwise ordinary-looking outdoor area.  

Lighting Options

Now that you’ve turned a bland area into an exciting nook with the addition of a fabulous pergola, it’s time to put extra spices to make your outdoor space even more flavorful. Check out the different lighting options available and select one that fits your taste. String lights are a good option if you want to make the place look magical at night. Hanging lights provide illumination while looking stylish while uplighting adds character to your pergola with their soft light that’s naturally appealing.

Furniture Pieces

If you have already decided the theme of your pergola–it could be Asian fusion, Mediterranean or whatnot–pick the furniture that will complement the look that you want. Furniture plays a big part in improving the easthetics of your outdoor space. Make sure you buy durable furniture that can weather the harsh elements outdoors.  


Your patio and pergola can be your outdoor living room or dining area. If you want it to be a space for welcoming guests, you have to make some adjustments to make it seat at least five to ten people. This is also true if you want to turn it into an al fresco dining area. Beyond the usual tables and chairs, throw in an outdoor fridge, a barbecue grill, and even outdoor audio visual systems. Of course, don’t forget to make your outdoor space blend in with nature. Grow some climbing plants, create container gardens with succulents, and, if your pergola is attached to your house, even set up a green wall or a vertical garden.  

DIY or Hire Professional Pergola Builders

Are pergolas easy to build? Is DIY an option? Short answer: Leave it to the professionals. Check out this article comparing ‘Professional Builders and DIY’.   If you need a free pergola quote, contact Urban Exteriors today. Call 02 9872 7716 now!

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