Pergola Designs and Styles How climbing plants boost the appeal of your pergola

Pergola designs are important in establishing a certain kind of character for your garden. You can go for the most basic design or go for a more elaborate style with huge chunky beams and a more solid presence. Regardless of your preference in the design of your pergola, you can greatly enhance its appeal by simply adding climbing plants to complete the overall look and feel of your pergola.



  1. They cover your pergola like a natural canopy; nature has provided a roof above your head
  2. Most climbing plants produce colorful flowers that create a spectacle when they bloom

Apparently, there are so many climbing plants you can choose from so we have created an infographic showcasing the most popular options. Check out the “12 Climbing Plants that make your Pergola picture perfect”.

Pergola Designs and Styles: How climbing plants boost the appeal of your pergola

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