Pergola Design Ideas You Have To Try

  Looking for pergola design ideas that are in style? You’ve come to the right place. On this article, we will cover pergola design topics ranging from design trends and ideas to pergola designs for small spaces and decks. Plus, you get practical tips on ensuring a successful pergola project. Excited? Read on.  

Pergola Design for the Year of the Dog

  According to Chinese zodiac, this year is known as the Year of the Dog. Earth tones plus the colors green and blue are the lucky colors.  
  Needless to say, pergolas look totally perfect with earth colors that mimic the natural environment. After all, pergolas are built on outdoor living spaces.   Aluminium pergola beams and posts that come in browns and greys create a perfect outdoor atmosphere that would suit your design style well in 2020.   An outdoor sofa with blue cushions and green and blue throw pillows are vibrant and would add life to your outdoor living space. Sounds like an expensive makeover? A simple DIY idea would be to spray paint and old outdoor wicker furniture with either green or blue. Check out this board on Pinterest.    

Taking Interior Design Trends Outdoors

  Bringing lots of plants indoors is currently in style. It’s a design trend that we certainly love. I mean who doesn’t adore seeing beautiful flora in the living room or kitchen? Now do the reverse and it’s still a big hit.   A current interior design trend that you can take outdoors is the use of old fashioned chintzes. Chintz outdoor furniture or rugs look spectacular on a deck or patio. The floral patterns on the fabric will make your outdoor space really eye catching.   Using hand-made ceramics is another interior design trend that you can implement outdoors. Add interesting pieces such as ceramic lanterns and ceramic planters and pots to your outdoor space. In this age of mass produced and seemingly soul-less decor pieces, it feels great to have a patio and pergola brightened up by hand-made accessories. Indoor living walls are making a splash this year too and it’s probably one of our favorite design trends. So why not have a green wall in your outdoor living space too?   Create a vertical garden on a wall adjacent to your pergola. You can never go wrong with using your favorite herbs for this project. Oregano, chives and parsley will be useful for your culinary creations. Love tea? Grow your own sweet lavender and pineapple mint on the green wall!

Adorn your Pergola with Beautiful Climbing Plants

  Pergolas, on their own, deserve appreciation. They are beautiful to look at and significantly enhance the look of the house. But do you want to know how to take it to the next level?   It’s simple. Grow climbing plants right next to the base of your pergola and let them flourish until they’ve completely covered the top section of your outdoor structure like a canopy.   Some of the most popular climbing plants for pergolas are wisteria, honeysuckle and clematis. Launch your Pinterest app or go to their website and do a search using the phrase “climbing plants pergola” and you’ll see tons of fine examples.  
  Now do you need tips on training vines to climb pergolas? We’ve created a blog that’s loaded with practical advice on caring for plants that are suitable for these outdoor structures.   Pergolas with climbing plants will simply take your breath away!  

Pergola Ideas for Small Spaces

  It’s easy to develop a beautiful and highly relaxing outdoor living space if you have wide open space in your property. But what if you only have limited space?   Well, pergolas are still the answer to your woes.   Got a deck? Build a roofed pergola and get an all-weather outdoor living space that will greatly enhance the look of your house and provide you with a beautiful space.   Small yard? Attach a small pergola to your house and elevate the look of your property without using too much real estate. For example, a small pergola that can only hold a swing or a hammock is enough size to enhance the beauty of your property and provide you with a charming outdoor space. You can definitely have your pergola custom designed and built to suit whatever available space you have.  

Pergola Designs for Decks

  Earlier we mentioned that having a roofed pergola on your existing deck is a great outdoor living solution. Here are some more design ideas:  
    • 1. Build a pergola with an open roof – Enhance the look of your deck while letting the sun shine through. If you need some type of shade when it gets too hot, use retractable pergola shades.
  • 2. Get a roofed pergola – Roofed pergolas create a seamless integration to the main structure of your house. Take your living room outdoors. Use furniture pieces and decorate the deck like you would decorate your actual living room. A roofed pergola provides constant shade and protection from rain so your design options are virtually unlimited.

Get your Pergola Built only by Experienced Professionals

    If you want a deck that’s built properly, we normally advice that you don’t DIY or hire inexperienced builders that cut corners.   Always go for professional builders. They have the right tools and experience to ensure you get a high quality pergola that will last you a long time.   With trusted licensed builders, you also get product warranty that gives you peace of mind.   Every Urban Exteriors pergola project is backed by 40 years experience. We are licensed builders and members of the Master Builders Association.   We can custom design and build your pergola depending on your requirements. Got a small space? Need a roofed pergola? No problem.   We can discuss your needs through a free consultation during which you will be provided with sound recommendations and practical advice to achieve the best results for your project.  

Total Outdoor Transformation

  If you want to completely transform your outdoors, we can help you too. We also specialise in building patios, sunrooms and decks and landscaping. Check out our gallery of recent projects. or contact us now to enquire.

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