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Patio Roofing Materials: 3 Great Options For Homeowners

Covered patios offer unique opportunities for homeowners to enjoy the outdoors free from the ill effects of extreme weather.

So if you want to know what roofing options you have for your patio, join us now as we look at the advantages of these 3 roofing materials.

Polycarbonate Roofing

Polycarbonates are so tough they can undergo so much stress without cracking or breaking. As a thermoplastic material, it is lightweight and can withstand extremely low and high temperatures, making it a practical and durable roofing choice for patios.

Polycarbonate panels are UV and heat resistant, ensuring your patios stay cool during summers while enabling them to last for many years. Since they are clear and come with glass-like appearance, they allow enough natural light to the patio area while minimizing glare. Polycarbonate roofing by Urban Exteriors is guaranteed to be leak-proof and is covered with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. It’s definitely great value for your money and a great roofing option for your patio.

Insulated Panel Roofing

Similar to polycarbonate, insulated roof panels are durable and can withstand extreme weather temperatures, making your patio an ideal living space all year round. This type of roofing also offers heat and sound insulation. Plus, it’s not only tough, it also requires low maintenance--a major selling point for most homeowners.

Insulated panel roofing is available in a range of colors and comes with manufacturer’s warranties as well.

Colorbond Roofing

Colorbond roofing comes in a wide array of powder-coated colors, giving homeowners tons of creative possibilities. On top of that, Colorbond roofing is termite proof and corrosion resistant. It’s ideal for the harsh Australian weather conditions. Similar to polycarbonate, Colorbond is also lightweight, making it easy to install.

This low maintenance roofing material is resistant to cracking, peeling, and chipping so your roof maintains its pristine appearance for a long time.

Polycarbonate, insulated roof panels, and Colorbond are the three roofing options available at Urban Exteriors. While all of them are great options, there may be one that is ideal for your requirements. Our friendly design consultants are ready to assist you in selecting the right roofing materials for your project. Contact us now or fill out the form below.

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