Patio Maintenance: How to Clean you Outdoor Space

The patio is perhaps one of the most adorable spaces in any home. It is naturally bright, airy, and welcoming. There’s a reason why many people spend their “me time”on the patio. You just grab a paperback or your iPad, some type of warm beverage and you’re all set. It’s pure zen. Well, maybe close to it. But really what we’re saying here is, the patio is that kind of space which has that quality of having an inherently relaxed environment.

But with all things in this world, the patio doesn’t always stay sparkling and clean. You need to clean it regularly to maintain its pretty appearance and charming atmosphere. “But where do I start?” You ask.

Well, it’s simple really. You just clear the area, sweep the floor, use soap or bleach, scrub it and then rinse it. End of blog.

But hey, if you’re a person who prefers visual learning, then you’re in luck. We’ve got something more for you. We’ve created this infographic with a step by step guide on “how to keep your patio clean”. Please check it out below:


Patio Maintenance: How to Clean you Outdoor Space

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