4 incredibly creative ways to spruce up your outdoor space for the Holiday Season

  The most beautiful time of the year is almost here. Need some tips on decorating your outdoor living space for the holiday season? You’ve come to the right place! Check out our recommendations below.  

Deck the Deck with Elves off eBay, Fa la la la la…

Imaging a deck with dozens of elves all over. Your house will certainly look like a crafts workshop from the North Pole! And that’s just so cute. How to achieve that look for your deck? Simple. Get your elves off eBay. They’re really inexpensive you could literally order so many of these little fellas. Add some accessories and arrange them in a way that they’d appear so busy working in a toy workshop. Put a life size inflatable Santa Claus on one corner to complete the setup. Don’t be surprised if kids from your neighborhood pay a visit to see these cute little guys!  

Pergola Poinsettia Overload

There are a few plants that reflect the holiday season. One of the plants that people adore during this time of the year is the poinsettia, a shrub popular for its fiery red and green foliage. Adorn your patios and pergolas with these beautiful plants. Lots of them. It’s an easy way to exude that holiday feel in your outdoor living space. Ordering potted poinsettias should be easy peasy. A lot of plant shops in Sydney stock up on poinsettias as the Christmas season approaches.  

Create a Winter Wonderland

Ok, so we know it doesn’t really snow here so what am I trying to suggest here? Well, no snow? No problem! Have your own white Christmas delivered by snow machines. There are Sydney-based companies offering these magical machines for rent. There are different kinds of snow machines available. Some can only produce sufficient snow for a small area but there are large ones that can cover your whole property with thick snow. A snow-covered Christmas-themed house will be a sure hit in your neighborhood. Transform your front yard and other outdoor living spaces into a winter wonderland during Christmas day.  

Oh! You better watch out, you better not cry … large gifts just fell from the sky

What’s better than a large Christmas present? Of course, an even larger Christmas present! Do a holiday makeover on your deck, patio, or front lawn by putting unusually large gifts all over the area like they fell off Santa’s sleigh. People will think you must have been a really good boy or girl this year that’s why Old Saint Nick gave you really large presents. Call 02 9872 7716 if you want to learn more about outdoor living spaces.

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