8 Unique and Captivating Conservatory Designs from Around the World


There’s just something unexplainably relaxing about being close to nature. It’s sort of magical how it helps you forget about the stresses and pressures of everyday life. But you don’t have to go far to experience that. Your conservatory or glass room lets you have that blissful experience every single day right at the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re getting ready for a busy day or winding down in the evening, you are guaranteed to treasure those moments in your very own oasis.

According to an article on The Telegraph, conservatories were originally dedicated to growing plants. But nowadays, this type of outdoor room serves many different purposes. It can be a home office, an entertainment area or even a dining room.

If you’re thinking about building or renovating your conservatory, below are some design ideas to inspire you:



Zen themed conservatories are the craze all over the world. This is because of how calming and uncomplicated the design is. It is based on the traditional art of Japanese gardening. According to Design Principles FTW, Zen has 7 principles that are designed to promote a more balanced living. Despite the huge difference in climate, a lot of these design principles work well in conservatories in Sydney.



Modern Rustic is also a perfect design for a conservatory. And this is because of how well suited the climate is to the type of look that this design style delivers. It brings into the room the feel of the outdoors by introducing elements such as raw wood and stone. So, if the conservatory was added to the exterior of the house, you don’t need to change anything about the wall that it is attached to.



Mediterranean conservatories are quite popular among homeowners. The classic look and space maximizing layout of this style make it one of the most cost-efficient designs available. With the characterizing lean-to ceiling, it can easily be added to any type of property. But despite how common this design is, you can still customize it to accentuate the overall appeal of your home. You can modernize the look by adding sliding doors or a roof vent. Your outdoor room will feel more like it is a part of the garden rather that an extension of your home.



If you’re a huge fan of period designs, then the Victorian conservatory is the perfect option. This traditional design features delicate enchanting windows and a romantic French door. You can choose to have glazed glass walls or a dwarf wall to create an interesting contrast. The floor space is more circular which creates a cozier ambiance. You will certainly love how this design captures the unique character of the Victorian era.



This period design is as British as you can get. Georgian conservatories let you bring the classic symmetrical lines to your Sydney home. The layout is rectangular which makes it easier for you to furnish and decorate. The overall effect of the walls and high sloping roof creates a light and airy ambiance that is perfect for an outdoor room. There is no way you would feel closed in despite the vault like appearance of this design.



If you’re looking for conservatory style that will work well for a larger area, then the lantern design is just what you need. It is used mostly to cover pools or outdoor areas used for entertaining a bigger group of people. It features a two-tiered roof that gives you an unobstructed view of the sky. It is perfect for a day of basking in the sun as well as romantic evenings spent stargazing. The opulent and elegant look that this design delivers is ideal if you want a classic and traditional conservatory.



Shabby chic is more of a decorating style rather than building design. This style lets you create a relaxed yet sophisticated look for your conservatory. It is characterized by a lived-in look that you can achieve by using furniture and fixtures that are pre-loved. Different shades of white and other light colors such as beige are perfect for Shabby chic. It gives the room and clean and calming feel that you will certainly enjoy.



This type of decorating design took the world by storm. It is based on the Danish way of living that is said to promote happiness and contentment. It works on the principle of a simple and clutter-free lifestyle. It also encourages closer relationships with family and friends. To give your conservatory the Hygge style, choose furniture and fixtures that the entire family will love. There should be space for everyone so that you and your loved ones can spend time together. You also want to avoid too many knick-knacks scattered about and choose elements that serve a purpose.

Designing and decorating your conservatory can be overwhelming at times. From choosing the layout to the materials to be used, there seems to be an infinite number of options. Working with experts certainly makes everything a lot more efficient.

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