How to choose the ideal pergola builder for your project: A guide for Sydneysiders

How to choose the ideal pergola builder for your project: A guide for Sydneysiders


Getting started with pergolas

Before embarking on a pergola-building project, it is wise to consider only the best pergola designers and builders that are available to you locally. You wouldn’t want a low quality eyesore to dominate your property, would you? So here’s what to do:


Do a web search and zero-in on the best builders around. There’s a good chance you’ll spot a good number of them that are local to Sydney. The professional look and the quality content of a company’s website are good initial indicators that you’ll be dealing with professionals who are serious with their trade.


Go through their gallery of previous projects

A picture speaks a thousand words, so they say. It holds true when you’re trying to narrow down your list of pergola builders. Look at the images of their recent projects. Do their pergola designs really stand out? Are they a new company with only a handful of images of projects to show? You can’t go wrong by taking visual cues seriously.


Read local reviews

Do a Google search and you’ll see reviews of the company. Alternatively, you can also check Word of Mouth (WOMO). Are you seeing positive reviews?


If you visit the company’s Facebook page, you will also find a review section there. Does the company get a five star rating?


Just like when paying for any other product or service online, it’s a good practice to always read customer testimonials and reviews. This will give you a clear picture of what type of service you can expect from the company.

Google Review


Clear your doubts

Call the top 3 pergola builders you have left on the list and ask questions. You have to know if they are indeed the right match. From the initial conversation, you will know if you’re talking to professionals. You can then decide to visit their office and discuss more details.

Can they make custom designs according to your requirements? Do they have a well laid out plan for projects like yours? Are they licensed builders? Do they help clients with council approvals? Ask, ask, ask.

Know the cost

Before you seal the deal, you have to know of course if you have enough budget for the project. Also make sure you are getting best value out of your money. Always choose the builder that offers great services at great prices.


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