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Top 47 Pergola Designs

The definitive list for the best pergola designs. Here are the top 47 pergola designs which you can choose from.

Best Pergola Design

Top 7 Reasons Why Sydney Homeowners Should Have Pergolas

Here are the top reasons why you should hire professional pergola builders to build your dream pergola.

Cover Photo Pergola Design

6 Expensive Mistakes When Buying a Pergola in Sydney

Your pergola design is ready and your budget is all set. Before you work on your new project, make sure to read this guide and avoid the 6 expensive mistakes people make, especially if you are in Sydney.

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5 Interesting Pergola Ideas: A Top Landscape Trend in 2020

Pergola is in the list of top landscape trends for 2020. What are the new designs? Get ideas here.

Glass Room

7 Top Ideas for your Glass Room Extension

Aside from just enjoying your garden view, there are other functions that you may not have considered yet for...

Polycarbonate Roofing

Patio Roofing Materials: 3 Great Options For Homeowners

Covered patios offer unique opportunities for homeowners to enjoy the outdoors free from the ill...


Pergola: The origins of this beautiful architectural masterpiece

In Sydney, pergolas are found in some of the nicest homes and they are built...


How to choose the ideal pergola builder for your project: A guide for Sydneysiders

Before embarking on a pergola-building project, it is wise to consider...

Sunroom Plants

Breathe life into your sunrooms with indoor plants

A sunroom is so versatile, it can be utilised as a living room or a dining area. With glass roof or walls, a sunroom...

Professional Patio Builders

Professional Patio Builders vs. DIY: Which is the better choice?

Outdoor projects like patios add charm and character to rather plain looking properties. But similar to building...

Signature Range

Pergola Designs: Turning ordinary outdoor areas into breathtaking living spaces

Give your property a facelift with a gorgeous pergola. No matter how...


Pergola Design Ideas for 2020

Welcome the year (and your guests) with a yard that boasts a stunning pergola. Big or small, we cover some of the most popular and gorgeous...

Outdoor Space Baulkham

Pergola: A beautiful and practical addition to your home

Thinking of ways to invest on your home? A pergola can increase the value of your property and provide a breathtaking...

Sydney Patios

Qualities you should be looking for from a Sydney patio builder

As with anything you buy, it is wise to look around first before making your final choice. Building a patio is no...


5 Amazing Patio Restaurants in the World You Have To Try

Restaurants are not just measured by the quality of food. The location and the ambiance they offer are significant...

Deck Hardwood Floor

Decking Sydney: Top 5 Hardwood Choices for Your Dream Deck

Adding a deck to your house comes with a number of benefits. From...


Guide to Patio Roofing Material: Polycarbonate vs. Insulated Panel

Having your very own outdoor living space is a dream that most...


79 Glass Room Ideas: The Ultimate List That Will Blow Your Mind

Transform your glass room or sunroom into a charming...


3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Pergola

Spending time outdoors is no doubt a part of the Australian culture. But with your busy schedule...


Gorgeous Pergola Designs Perfect for Sydney Homes

Australia is known all over the world for its wide open spaces and gorgeous climate...

Arno Smit

8 Unique and Captivating Conservatory Designs from Around the World

There’s just something unexplainably relaxing about being close to nature...

Halloween House

3 Scary Halloween Decorating Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces

Halloween is coming. It's that time of the year for dragons, white walkers, and wildlings to roam the streets....

Christmas Decoration
Pergola Infographic

Pergola Roofing 101

Planning to get a pergola for your property? Learn the basics of pergola roofing with this infographic material we created...

Point Piper Sydney House

2021 Patio Guide: The Ultimate Resource For Outdoor Living In Sydney

The Sydney landscape is dotted with houses...

Patio Maintenance

Patio Maintenance: How to Clean you Outdoor Space

The patio is perhaps one of the most adorable spaces in any home. It is naturally bright...

Supplier Awards

Urban Exteriors Supplier Awards 2021

Consistent, Dependable & Reliable. Urban Exteriors cites its top suppliers for 2021...

Pergola Infographic

Pergola Design Ideas You Have To Try

Here are some creative pergola design ideas and current design trends you don't wanna miss...

Dining Room

Sunroom Designs: 3 Stunning Ideas

With options for having floor to ceiling windows and a great view of the surroundings, sunrooms are perfect for morning coffee...

Patio Flowers

70+ ways to make your patio the envy of neighbours

Transform your outdoor patios into the ultimate hangout spot and the talk of the town with these stylish patio designs ideas.

Climbing Plants for Pergolas

How to Train Vines to Climb on Pergolas

Provided with the proper training and care, climbing plants on pergolas will add more than just beauty to any landscape.

Summer Still Life

Glossary of 200 Landscaping and Gardening Terms

We have created this resource so you can easily understand different gardening and landscaping terms. Check it out.

White Pergola

Pergola Designs and Styles: How climbing plants boost the appeal of your pergola

Pergola designs are important in establishing a certain kind of character for your garden. You can go for...

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