79 Glass Room Ideas: The Ultimate List That Will Blow Your Mind


Transform your glass room or sunroom into a charming outdoor living space that you and your family would love to spend time in. Below are some great ideas you can choose from.


79 Glass Room Ideas: The Ultimate List That Will Blow Your Mind


  1. Indoor Garden – Flowers and plants make the best decoration for your sunroom. Not to mention the fact that these can improve the quality of air in the room. So, pick out your favorite plants and bring them inside to give your glass room or conservatory a more natural look.

  2. Getting Comfy – You and your family will be spending a lot of time relaxing in your sunroom. So, make sure you get comfortable chairs and sofas that you and your loved ones would love sinking into.

  3. Dining Space – If you want to make your outdoor living space into a functional room, then opt to turn it into a 2nd dining area. You can use it as a breakfast nook to turn your day’s first meal into a relaxing experience.

  4. Use Blinds or Curtains – You may love basking in the sun when you’re hanging out in your glass room. But for those days when the sun’s rays are too much, you will certainly love having the option of keeping it out with blinds or curtains.

  5. A Wooden Ceiling – Most sunroom designs have glass ceilings and roofs. This is so you can maximize sunlight. Opting for a wooden ceiling though will give your room a more intimate and cozy feel. Talk to your builder about roofing options that will fit your needs.

  6. Hammock – Want a spot where you can snooze in on your lazy days? A hammock in the sunroom is the perfect solution. Just looking at it is enough to help you relax. Now imagine sinking into it and getting lulled into sleep by the calming swinging motion. The view outside is also the perfect backdrop to this serene moment.

  7. Recreation Room – You can convert your glass room into a recreation space. The great view of the outside and the natural lighting are perfect for any creative projects that you and your family may be working on.

  8. Natural Colors – To create a more cohesive look with the view outside, opt for earth and water tone hues.

  9. Elegant Lights – Whether you have wooden or glass ceilings, hanging chandeliers are a great lighting option for your room. In addition to literally brightening up the room, chandeliers also serve as design accents.

  10. Indoor Oasis – Have fun with the décor by opting to use a theme that’s different from the rest of the house. This will make escaping to your glass room even more relaxing and enjoyable.

  11. Furniture Layout – Get inspired by how seats are set up in the cinema. Notice how all the chairs are facing the screen. It’s done that way because people came to the cinema to watch the movie on that screen. A different seat lay out will be counter productive.

    In your glass room, the main focal point is the view outside. The landscape outside is the reason you chose to put huge windows in the room. Your goal is to bring the feel of the outdoors inside. So, make sure you place seats in places where you get to see the beautiful view outside.

  12. Color Cheer – Use bright colors to give your sunroom a more refreshing and playful atmosphere. However, you may want to limit it to just a few shades as too many different colors can be extremely agitating.

  13. Glazed Glass Roof – Thinking about what to use for the roof? Well, if you’re into stargazing and cloud watching or just want to have the feel of being under the sky, then a glass roof is ideal for you.

  14. Ceiling Vents – Your glazed glass ceiling may be able to keep out the bright rays of the sun. However, it doesn’t do much for air circulation. Ask your builder about the option of putting ceiling vents. These will help circulate air so it never gets too stuffy inside the room.

  15. Accent Piece – Want to spice up the décor in your glass room but not really into changing the entire look? The answer is simple. Add an accent piece like an armchair in a vibrant color or a Chinese lantern in the corner to freshen up your décor.

  16. Working Under the Sun – According to a study cited in an article on University of Minnesota’s website, increasing your connection to nature can help reduce stress. So, if you have a home office, ensuring that you have a view of the outside can help you become more productive. This makes your glass room as the ideal spot to get more quality work done.

  17. Window Type – Your sunroom is designed to make sure that you get to enjoy the great outdoors at the comfort of your own home. And what better way to do that than to opt for floor to ceiling windows. These give you an unobstructed view of the outside without having to step out of your home.

  18. Tropical Oasis – Want to turn your conservatory into a tropical paradise? It’s actually quite simple. Coastal Living, a design magazine recommends sea inspired hues combined with furniture that just scream out island living. From tiki lamps to bamboo stools, all you need is your imagination to create your very own getaway.

  19. A Case of Claustrophobia – If you’ve ever felt claustrophobic with sloping ceilings then opt to have them made of glass. This will eliminate the feeling of the ceiling looming over you as it slants downwards.

  20. Rocking Bliss – There’s nothing more relaxing than the motion of a rocking chair. So why not turn your glass room into the ultimate calming experience by adding a rocking chair or two. This kind of chair comes in different types, so whatever design style you choose for your sunroom, you’ll find a rocking chair to match.

  21. Floating in Mid Air – Kids and adults alike can’t seem to get enough of swings. The calming swaying motion just takes the stress away. But a swing inside the glass room just seems a bit strange. So, why not opt for a hanging day bed instead where you can recline and enjoy a great book. It’ll certainly feel like you’re floating in mid-air.

  22. White Washed – If you’re looking to create a relaxing and refreshing look for your sunroom then use a lot of white in the décor.

  23. Space Saving Lights – Want to have more space or reduce the clutter in your glass room? Then choose to do wall mounted lights instead of desk lamps. This frees up more space for other decorating elements that you may want to add.

  24. Vaulted Ceilings – If you want to create the illusion of a bigger room area, then talk to your builder about installing a vaulted ceiling. The height that it delivers will make your room feel more spacious.

  25. Deck Space – To get the ultimate outdoor living area, have your sunroom open out or have access to your deck or patio area. This will create a more natural flow to the layout of your own personal oasis.

  26. Staying Fit – Your sunroom is also a great place to put your home gym. The beautiful view outside will help keep you motivated as you work out. It will also have a calming effect on your senses so you’ll be able to exercise longer and more efficiently.

  27. Spa Experience – Have you noticed how you instantly feel relaxed the minute you step inside the spa? The relaxing ambient sounds and the calming aroma just makes you feel better in seconds. According to Aromatherapy.com essential oils extracted from plants and flowers can promote physical and mental well being. So, why not level up the ambiance of your room by introducing these relaxing scents either through oil diffusers or scented candles.

  28. Indoor Pool – Want to be able to enjoy your pool the whole year round? Then building it inside your sunroom is the best solution. A lot of water babies and fitness enthusiasts have chosen to take advantage of this extra outdoor room space for their endless pools. Just imagine, you won’t ever have to worry about it being too cold outside to take a dip.

  29. Health and Wellness – Your sunroom is also the perfect spot for meditation and yoga. Your tantric experience will certainly be enhanced by the magnificent view of the outdoors. You can commune with nature even without stepping outside.

  30. Secret Garden – Glass rooms make the perfect orangery. Because the basic structure is essentially the same, you can use the space to grow your own vegetables and fruit. Your plants will get the sunlight they need but still enjoy a more tempered climate.

  31. Playroom – Worried about your kids not getting enough sunlight as they spend more time indoors? Turn your conservatory into a playroom/study room for your kids. Being surrounded by nature is conducive to studying and helps enhance creativity. Giving your children this type of space will certainly help them build on their skills.

  32. Solar Control Coating – Glass enclosed rooms give you a spectacular view of the great outdoors. It lets you commune with nature without the need to expose yourself to the elements outside. However, there are days when the sun’s glare can make your glass room quite uncomfortable. It can hurt your eyes and turn up the temperature inside. It almost feels like you’re inside an oven. To help manage this more efficiently, talk to your builder about protecting the glass with solar coating or tinting. This will help keep the room cool even on the hottest summer day.

  33. Smart Walls – It’s not a necessity to use glass for the entire wall of your sunroom. Using a combination of lumber or steel frames. This will provide you more options on design and functionality. HGTV features amazing ideas on wall designs that you may want to use. They show walls that double as sliding doors and partitions that let you open out to the garden or connect your room to the rest of the house for more space.

  34. High Windows – When you have little kids, having huge windows that open out may be risky. The last thing you want is for the little ones to be able to open up those windows and wander outside on their own. This is especially more dangerous if your glass room is on an upper floor. To get peace of mind, opt to have only the upper part of your glass wall to be converted into windows that can be opened. This will help air circulate and keep your kids safe at the same time.

  35. Heavy Duty Light Roofing – If you’re looking for alternative roofing to glass, you can try out polycarbonate sheets. This lets you explore lighter design options as the material is not as heavy as solid glass. But don’t think that this makes polycarbonate a lightweight in terms of durability. It is extremely strong and virtually unbreakable.

  36. Decorating for the Season – Turn up the fun by using your glass walls as a decoration canvass. You can transform it into a witch and ghoul party for Halloween or create a whimsical Christmas scene. You can use a variety of removable decals and stickers that you can get from your local craft stores to make fun decorations.

  37. Middle Room – If you have a detached garage, then you can use the space between that and home as the perfect glass room. You can save up on building materials as you’d already have two walls up.

  38. Romantic Victorian – Add a touch of Victorian charm to your interior by introducing some classic elements. Freshhome, an online resource guide for interior decorating, suggests a few pieces that would work well with modern furnishings. These include ornately carved wood furniture such as desks or armoires. Talk to your builders about your planned interior décor so they can help you determine the best roofing, framing and flooring materials to use.

  39. Cottage Inspired Look – With your glass room looking out into the great outdoors, using a cabin inspired décor seems to be the perfect idea. You can add numerous wood elements from the window frames to the furniture to get that cozy look. Introducing elements like throws and blankets can emphasize the feeling of home that this design delivers.

  40. Cohesive Designs – Glass enclosed rooms make you feel like you’re in the middle of the outdoors. To enhance this illusion, design your sunroom in the same style as your gardens. You can do this by decorating the room with the same plants that you have outside. Or you can use the same colors as the flowers you have blossoming in the garden. Working with a building company that offer construction as well as landscaping services is the best way to achieve this.

  41. Get a Tan Indoors – Sunbathing is a lot safer when you do it in the comfort of your sunroom. A glazed glass roof will keep the harmful rays out so you don’t have to worry about overexposure. You also get more privacy by adding blinds or curtains to your windows. But why stop with just a couple of lounge chairs? Decorate your glass room with plants and other elements that remind you of your last tropical or beach holiday.

  42. Zen Inspired – Create space in your home that help you rejuvenate from the stress and pressure of your everyday life. One of the best ways to do this is to decorate it with Zen inspired elements such as a rock garden. Builders who also offer landscaping services can help you get this started. They can build the space and set up your garden. It doesn’t need much upkeep and interacting with it can do wonders to help you relax.

    Samon or hokimo , the art of raking the gravel to achieve the rippling patterns Zen gardens are known for is as calming as meditation. So, spending time in your glass room will certainly be a rejuvenating experience for you and your family.

  43. Floor Accessory – Flooring options for sunrooms often include tile, brick or wood. Putting wall-to-wall carpeting doesn’t really work well for this type of room mainly because of the sun exposure which often leads to color fading or damage. But that doesn’t mean you would need to leave the floor bare.

    Opt for rugs or area carpets that would compliment your furnishings and color scheme. You can even throw in some floor pillows to create a cozier look for your glass enclosed room. These accessories will also help keep your room warm during colder seasons.

  44. Catch Up on Your Reading – Sunrooms make the best reading nooks in whatever season. It’s a lot more comfortable spot to enjoy literary masterpieces than stuffy libraries. The natural lighting and outdoor ambiance is the perfect environment to lose yourself within the pages of your book. So, make sure to have comfortable seats like armchairs and sofas where you can stretch out and read to your heart’s delight. A side table within arm’s reach will also let you enjoy a cuppa while you bury your nose in your book.

  45. Best Seat in the House – You have the perfect garden outside and you have a window that lets you drink it all in. The only thing you’re missing now is a window seat. There’s no better way to enjoy the scene than by being as close to everything as possible. Make it as comfortable as you can by adding throw pillows and blankets. So whether the day is warm or chilly, you can spend time in the best seat in the house.

  46. Warm and Toasty – Your glass room should be a place you can enjoy all year round. However, because of the glass walls and roof, the temperature in this outdoor room can get pretty chilly during the cold seasons. Installing a fireplace would be ideal but if there’s no room for this, you can opt for a portable one instead. You can get electric fireplaces for less than $50 that can help you keep the room warm and toasty. Adding blankets and pillow also keeps the temperature in your sunroom more comfortable.

  47. Ambient Sounds – Sure, it’s a place that you designed for some peace and quiet and communing with nature. But that does not mean that you have to spend all that time in complete silence. While the sounds of nature may seem enough, remember that there will be months when there won’t be birds chirping or water from your fountain gurgling. Create a spot that’s also pleasing to your auditory senses by adding a stereo system or even just a sound machine. Soothing music and nature sounds will help create a more relaxing atmosphere.

  48. Mirror Mirror on the Wall – Mounting mirrors on walls that are not made of glass serve multiple functions. It can create the illusion of more space so your sunroom doesn’t feel too crowded. Another benefit that you get is the increase in illumination. Mirrors will reflect the natural light to eliminate shadows and dark corners.

  49. Hanging Plants – want to add more plants in the room but don’t have the space? There’s no need to despair. You can opt to choose indoor plants that can be hung from the ceiling. These actually create a more outdoor look without taking up floor space.

  50. A Work of Art…at Your Feet – Who ever said that art works should be limited to the walls? Add a touch of color to your glass room by using rugs with intricate patterns. Or you can even opt to have the actual floor painted with a design that will work well with the rest of your décor.

  51. A Reason to Look Up – Give yourself a reason to look up even if you have wood paneled ceilings. Sadly, this part of the room is often neglected. But you can certainly make sure that it is as charming as the rest of the room. There are a lot of different ways to decorate your ceiling. You can use interesting light fixtures and chandeliers to give your room an interesting look. You can also add hand painted details such as flowers or intricate murals. Whichever you use, make sure that it compliments the décor of the entire room.

  52. Gables – Give your glass room a more idyllic look by opting for a gabled roof. The two sloping sides of this type of roof prevent your outdoor room from looking like an ordinary cube. This design option will work with a variety of roofing materials from glass and insulated wood panels to polycarbonate sheets. But what’s really great about this style is that it delivers quite a few benefits in addition to beautifying your home. The sloping design makes it more weather resistant. You don’t have to worry about rain or debris like leaves and twigs getting build up on it as these will just naturally slide down the sides. It cuts down cleaning time by more than half and lessens wear and tear from any excessive pressure caused by any sort of build up.

  53. Hygge Inspired – In the past year few years, Denmark has been hailed as the happiest country in the world. One of the factors that this Scandinavian country has attributed their happy living to is Hygge. Hygge is a lifestyle that’s based on enjoying the simple things in life. You too can bring this incredible way of life to your home. Decorate your glass room with simple design elements based on Hygge like scented candles and clutter free space.

  54. Hyggekrog – You can also create your very own hyggekrog. It’s basically a nice and cozy nook that you can relax in. Ideally it should have a view of nature. So, a window seat would be the perfect spot to put it in. Just add layers of pillows or cushions and throws that you can snuggle into with a good book.

  55. Something Old and Something New – Traditionally, brides are given something old and something new to wear during the wedding for good luck. It is a charming custom that you can use to create a cozier look for your glass room. Get creative by repurposing old furniture and combining it with new pieces. For example, you can turn a wicker hamper that you are no longer using into a side table where you can put new lamps on. Go through the things you already have before going shopping so you can plan out your décor and save money at the same time.

  56. Concealed Storage – Whether you have an impressively large glass room or a quaint small one, you want to keep your space clutter free. One of the best ways to achieve this is by cleverly adding concealed storage spaces. While shelves and cabinets are great, you don’t want these overcrowding your space. If you have an upholstered window seat, you can use the space beneath the cushioned seats to store stuff like rugs and throws that you are not using. You can keep them out of sight but they’ll still be close enough to get to for when you want to snuggle.

  57. Fun Fringes – If you want to dress up your windows but hate the thought of hanging curtains or putting up blinds, you can use bead, string or fringe curtains instead. These can offer you a degree of privacy but still give you a light and airy feel. They come in a variety of colors and designs that can work well with your décor.

  58. Shabby Chic- This vintage inspired design style is the perfect way to create a feminine and delicate look for your outdoor room. The great thing about shabby chic is that it’s a cost efficient way of decorating. You can use old furniture with a distressed appearance without the need to make it prettier. The wear and tear give them character that can create a more laid back and comfortable atmosphere. All you need to do is spruce these up with other elements such as white or lace throw pillows and charming light fixtures. Be careful not to put too many distressed furniture though as this might make your room more shabby that chic.

  59. Just Like the Hamptons – Turn your glass room into an elegant beach side retreat. You might not have waves lapping outside, but you can certainly create a coastal look inspired by the Hamptons district in the US. Choose white and beige furniture and compliment these with sea inspired colors in soft shades. Plush sofas and white ceilings and beams are also perfect design elements to create the look. Let your builder know what type of décor you want so they can provide you with a building design to match. Get an obligation-free quote to give you an idea of how much your home addition will cost.

  60. Home Gallery – Refrigerator door getting crowded with the kids’ works of art? No problem, create your very own gallery in your sunroom. You can frame those masterpieces and use them to decorate your glass enclosed outdoor room. It’s also a great place to showcase their other arts and crafts projects. Whether you have a corner dedicated to these creations or have them all about the room, your kids will certainly love having these on display.

  61. Aye-Aye Captain! – What could be more fun than a day out in the water? If you and your family are sailing enthusiasts, then adding nautical inspired elements in your sunroom will make it the ultimate room to escape in. Use shades of blue and white liberally in your décor and spruce up the look with throw pillows with anchor ship wheel designs. Adding light fixtures that look like lanterns also help in achieving the look.

  62. Roman Shades – If you want a more cohesive look for the room, you can opt to have custom made roman shades to match rugs, pillows or even upholstered furniture. The wonderful thing about this type of shades is that they keep the sun out and tuck quite neatly and attractively when not in use. Unlike venetian blinds or curtains, roman shades look quite charming whether they are drawn or not.

  63. Joie du Vivre – Whether you have been to Paris or just have it listed on your bucket list, there’s no need to travel thousands of miles to enjoy the French ambiance. You can add muted shades and Mediterranean hues to achieve this charming look. Highlight the décor with bronze and gold elements and you’ll feel like blurting out c’est la vie the minute you step in.

  64. Ceiling Fans – While basking in the sun indoors sounds magnificent, it may get too warm and stuffy some days. Get the atmosphere inside more comfortable by installing a ceiling fan to help circulate air.

  65. Natural Light – One of the benefits of having a glass room is that you can use energy more efficiently. The design and building materials used in your outdoor room lets you take advantage of natural lighting. Take it a step further by having skylight built as well. Open ceilings will let more natural light in too.

  66. Creeping Vines – Glass rooms are the perfect spot for plants. They get sufficient sunlight and are protected from harsh elements and bugs. So, if you’re thinking about a greenhouse look for your sunroom, why not add creeping vines on the ceiling beams. However, you do need to pick out the furniture more carefully, as this type of design may not work well with indoor pieces.

  67. Painted-On Sky- If glass or transparent roofing materials are not ideal for you but you still want to get the outdoor feel inside your sunroom, don’t despair. Wooden panel ceilings can be painted in different shades of light blue. This will create a more light and airy feeling but still give you the insulation that you want.

  68. An Edgy Look – To achieve an edgier look for your sunroom, opt for an industrial design. This is perfect if the rest of your home has the same style or if you want to introduce more outdoor elements into your glass enclosed room. Combine metal and wood in a variety of finishes to get an amazing industrial-style room. Patio chairs and benches also make the perfect furnishing for this type of design.

  69. Ambient Lighting – Enjoy your conservatory in the evening as much as you do during daytime. Once the sun has set, ambient lights can do wonders. You can choose wall mounted fixtures or desk and floor lamps to illuminate specific areas within the room. You can place these in corners or spots where you would likely spend more time in the evening. For example, make sure that your reading nook has sufficient lighting so you can do some nighttime reading.

    Ceiling mounted fixtures such as chandeliers or hanging lamps provide more illumination for the room. If you want romantic or intimate dining experiences, choose low hanging lamps. The lower they are from the ceiling, the smaller the area they can illuminate.

  70. Dwarf Walls – If you feel that floor to ceiling windows are just not for you, then talk to your builder about adding dwarf walls. These are walls that are less than story high and look more like a fence than an actual wall. You can use this to create a more interesting contrast to the glass windows on your sunroom. You can also choose the type of brick or stone that will be used for your wall so it can match or compliment your décor and house exterior look.

  71. Arched Windows – Everybody needs a holiday, an escape from the pressures of everyday life. Sadly, you don’t get to go on one as much as you wish you could. So, why not create the ultimate staycation spot right at the comfort of your own home. Opt for arched windows rather than regular ones to add a Mediterranean touch to your glass room.

  72. Walls with Character – If you have a couple of solid walls in your sunroom, you can make them more interesting with texture painting. There are quite a few faux finishes that you can use to add more character to your room. These will also compliment the furnishings you choose to give your décor a more cohesive look.

  73. Indoor Fountain – There’s nothing more serene than the sound of flowing water. It’s the perfect ambient sound for meditation or just lounging about on a lazy day. To bring this tranquil element into your glass room, add a tabletop fountain to your décor. These come in a variety of styles so you can choose one that will work well with the other elements in your outdoor room.

  74. Solar Lights – With the abundance of sunlight that you get in your glass room, then it’s only fitting that you put this energy to good use. Let the sun help you save energy by adding solar light fixtures that you can use in the evenings. These environmentally friendly lighting options come in a variety of quaint and charming designs that you will certainly love.

    You can also use solar lights on the exterior of your glass room. Wall mounted or ground lights let you illuminate the area around your sunroom so you can enjoy the outdoors even during nighttime.

  75. Wind Chimes – In Feng Shui, wind chimes are considered as magic bells. They help rejuvenate your chi to give you more energy. But whether you believe in this Chinese philosophical way of life or not, there’s no denying that the sound of chimes are quite calming. Hang one or two near the window or door to get the lovely tinkling sound whenever there’s a breeze.

  76. Cabana Living – Cabanas are the ultimate place to relax in. While these are often found poolside, you can integrate design elements used in cabanas for your sunroom whether you have a pool or not. To emulate the feel of this laid back type of space, add spacious daybeds that you can relax in. White drapes tied with rope or ribbons make the best window dressing to complete this look.

  77. Lace Canopies – To create a romantic ambiance in your glass enclosed room, hang a lace canopy atop your daybed. This simple but charming element will give your room a dramatic and serene look. It’s the perfect spot to relax and recharge your energy.

  78. Shoji Screens– Japanese homes have such a serene atmosphere. You can integrate some of these elements to turn your sunroom into a place of serenity. Shoji screens are the paper lined panels that act as walls and sliding door in traditional Japanese houses. You can use either shoji screen dividers or lamps to spruce up your décor.

  79. Fresh Flowers – Glass rooms and plants just go together like vegemite and buttered toast. If you’ve opted to decorate the space as an indoor room, you can still bring the feel of the great outdoors inside with a bunch of fresh flowers. Not only will these brighten up the room, their sweet scent will also help you relax.

Glass rooms are such a wonderful addition to your home. They increase the value of your property and can be used for a variety of purposes. The limit really is just your imagination. Integrate the design and décor ideas included here to create the perfect outdoor living area for you and your loved ones.

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