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70+ ways to make your patio the envy of neighbours

Transform your outdoor patios into the ultimate hangout spot and the talk of the town with these stylish patio designs ideas.

  1. Grow your herbs

    Create a green space by growing your herbs in your outdoor patio. Put them in terracotta or wooden pots for that aztec or country feel.

  2. Add some shrubs

    Give your patio a facelift and color by surrounding it with shrubs like azalea and bougainvillea.

  3. Take cover

    Hide from the sun and create a secluded place with outdoor shades. Look for blinds that block the sun’s UV rays.

  4. Fireplace

    Turn your patio into a cozy place by accentuating it with a fireplace perfect for cold nights and staying late outdoors.

  5. Relax in the hammock

    Lounge in style on your patios with a rope or thin strings hammock. Whether you're catching up on your favorite book or taking a nap, a hammock is your best friend during warmer months.

    hammock reading
  6. Swing chair

    Share the space with your friends and family by hanging a wooden swing chair best for bonding and hanging out.

  7. Color it Blue

    Make your patios cool to the eyes by making it pop with the shade of blue. For tips, look for patio designs in magazines.

  8. Plain white

    Achieve a clean and elegant look by covering your patio in white paint. If your patios have no shade, buy the outdoor variant.

  9. String lights

    Exude a carefree vibe by hanging weatherproof string lights perfect for hosting memorable outdoor dinners and parties.

  10. Oriental touch

    Illuminate your space with an oriental feel by opting for paper lantern lights in different colors.

    paper lantern
  11. Floor lamps

    Make your patios an outdoor living room with floor lamps. Add a hint of tropics with lamps made with wicker.

  12. Aztec is the way to go

    Bring a touch of tribal into your patios with carpets and blinds fashioned after Aztec prints.

  13. Outdoor rugs

    No shade? No problem. Accentuate your patios with weatherproof rugs. Look for patio designs on the internet for inspiration.

  14. Mexicanize your patios

    Create a festive place by complementing your patio with sofa and throwpillows in Mexican patterns.

  15. Exotic beauty

    Add an exotic ambiance to your outdoor space with the rich and vibrant patterns and colors of persian rugs.

  16. Make your ceiling an art piece

    Make your covered patio stand out from your neighbourhood by creating a mural on your ceiling.

  17. Tropical ceiling fan

    Turn your ceiling into a statement with a tropical ceiling fan great for cooling your patio during hot days.

    tropical ceiling fan
  18. Something smells fishy

    Transform your outdoor patios from bland to breathtaking by building a fish pond. Bring life to it by filling it with small fish and aquatic plants.

  19. Mosaic walls

    Convert your outdoor patios into an art space with a mosaic wall. You can use reclaimed woods or tiles depending on the vibe you want to exude.

  20. Potted lemon trees

    Line some potted lemon trees along your patios for that courtyard feel. Pick the dwarf varieties of the lemon trees to keep it small and manageable.

  21. Shower it with drapes

    Make your deck private and cozy perfect for a date night by adding neutral or colorful drapes.

  22. Create zen with bonsai

    If you’re going for a calm and minimalist look, consider adding bonsais to your outdoor patios.

    bonsai garden
  23. Wick recliners

    Give your patio a resort-like look by placing wick recliners best for getting a tan.

  24. Hang from the chandeliers

    Bring nature to your space with beautifully-crafted wrought iron chandeliers filled with small plants.

  25. Metal artworks

    Create an interesting deck with thousands of metal artwork designs. The good thing about them is that they can stand any weather.

    metal artwork
  26. Patio Clocks

    Never worry what time it is while you get lost lounging on your patios with outdoor wall clocks.

  27. Outdoor entertainment

    Take your entertainment from your living rooms to your patios with an outdoor television great for movie nights and binge watching your favorite TV series.

  28. Put some book racks

    Amplify the storage capacity of your patios by adding a bookshelf to store your books you want to read outdoors.

  29. Dwarves be like

    Embellish your yard with magic and fantasy by decorating it with outdoor dwarf figurines.

  30. Harness the light

    Save up on electricity by using solar lights.

  31. Have a dip

    Nothing beats the summer’s heat than a dip in the pool. If you have a large front yard, consider adding a swimming pool best for lounging or hosting outdoor parties.

  32. Shady trees

    Do you want to enjoy the sun without getting burned? If you are not a fan of drapes or blinds, plant some shady trees instead. Look for trees that won’t take over your yard like Amur Maple or Japanese Maple.

  33. A French affair

    Exude an English or French cottage vibe by walls covered in ivies. Hire a gardener if you have no idea how to achieve this.

  34. Canopies

    Cover your patio from all kinds of weather with outdoor canopies. Look for the best canopy that would complement your space on the internet.

  35. Oriental magic

    Make your yard a tropical haven with a set of furniture made of bamboo. Complete the look by accentuating your ceiling with bamboos too.

  36. Water fountains

    Make your outdoor space charming with water fountains. They are affordable and would make any space appealing.

    pond fountain
  37. Candelight chandeliers

    Add character to your deck with vintage electric or candle chandeliers.

  38. Tie dyed pillows

    Instantly add flair to your boring space with tie dyed throw pillows. You can even create them yourself.

  39. Dark wood furniture

    Furnish your patios with timeless pieces of dark wood furniture. Hunt for a bargain from your local flea market.

  40. Explode with colors

    Punch some colors to your patio with different kinds of throw pillows in colorful and vibrant designs.

  41. Grandfather’s clock

    Create a classic oasis with a grandfather’s clock on your patio. Available in many designs, this clock will turn your space into a classical focal point.

  42. Outdoor bar

    Perfect for entertaining guests during parties, outdoor bars is a must-have on your patios.

  43. Earthy colors

    Add some subtle glamour into your deck by putting pieces of furniture covered in gray, tan or brown fabric.

  44. Nature haven

    Turn your patios into the ultimate nature spot by having shrubberies and small plants.

    small plants
  45. Magic carpet ride

    Enhance the mood and add style to your patios with outdoor carpets. Choose from varying designs from your local houseware store.

  46. Add a barbecue pit

    Keep the mess out of your house with an outdoor barbecue grill. Invest in a good grill that will last for many years.

  47. Art space

    Hang some of your favorite paintings on your patios to punctuate and add some life to the space.

  48. Put a long comfy bench

    Your outdoor patio should be the perfect spot for relaxing after a hard day’s work. A long bench with a comfortable cushion and lots of throw pillows would surely do the trick.

  49. A perfect dining experience

    Bring some romance to your deck by punctuating it with dining tables and chairs. If your patio has no shade, consider buying tables and chairs made of plastic. Add candle lights on the center of the table for your date nights.

  50. Reader’s nook

    Just like your living room, it’s best to have magazines on your patios while your guests or friends wait for you or when they want to catch up on the latest styles or Hollywood gossips.

  51. Up your chair game

    Furniture made from rattan or wicker are just the ideal pieces to make your space pop out while adding a casual feel to your patios.

  52. Screen the porch

    Putting screens around your porch provides a comfortable place that is free of bugs or mosquitoes.

  53. Red chair

    Make a focal point and a statement on your patio by putting a red chair on the corner.

  54. Plastic chairs

    No-fuss and low maintenance plastic chairs are perfect for homeowners who want a durable sitting set without sacrificing comfort.

  55. Coffee table out of a reclaimed wine barrel

    Create a haven for your morning and afternoon coffee with a coffee table made out of reclaimed wine barrel.

  56. Metal folding chairs

    Build the perfect outdoor retreat with colorful metal folding chairs that you can easily fold when not in use.

  57. Moonbathing

    Take long and luxurious baths outdoor with a jacuzzi. Outdoor jacuzzis come in many sizes. Make sure you choose the right size for your patio.

  58. Be professional

    While it is tempting to do your own patio designs, hiring a builder/landscaper would be a smart choice especially if you have no idea where to start.

  59. Needleworks

    Show your creativity by hanging your cross stitch projects on your patio walls. Add some vintage vibe to it by framing it in rusted and old frames.

  60. Use reclaimed wood

    Who says decorating your patios need to be expensive? If budget is an issue, look for furniture made from reclaimed wood. They look beautiful and affordable at the same time.

  61. Mirror, mirror on the wall

    Amplify your patio’s function and add a sense of grandeur with wrought iron mirrors or those in wooden frames.

  62. What’s in the fridge?

    Cool down during summer with an outdoor fridge perfect for storing your favorite sodas and beers.

  63. Light it up

    Add a soft glow to your patios by embellishing it with scented candles.

  64. Make an entrance

    Arch entrances garnished with flowers leading to your patio is the perfect welcome for your guests and friends.

  65. Throw blankets

    Enjoy the outdoors even when it's cold with throw blankets in designs that complement the overall look of your furniture.

  66. Keep mum

    Keep it low key and classy by painting your patios with one color only and accentuating it with furniture in subtle hues.

  67. Carnival of colors

    Add a splash of colors to your deck with sofas and throw pillows that sport fun patterns.

  68. Bring the tropics to your home

    Make your space a tropical paradise by surrounding it with plants like agave, bamboo, and banana.

  69. Outdoor sculptures

    Show your love for arts with outdoor sculptures made out of resin, stone, or metal.

  70. Love birds

    Outdoor patios and birds go hand-in-hand. Birds will make a fine addition to your outdoor garden.

  71. Eat your veggies

    Add a bit of vegetation to your patios by planting climbing vegetables on your pergolas like beans, squashes, and cucumbers.

  72. Cover up

    Aside from the fact that it gives you shade, a nice big umbrella will give your patios a nice and courtyard feel to it--best for having coffee with your friends.

  73. Potted cactus

    Potted cactuses are popular these days and rightfully so because they add life and style to any space.

  74. Hanging garden

    Climbing flowers create instant statement to any patio. Create a wistful and dreamy space by planting roses or wisteria on your garden arches or pergolas.

  75. Live it up

    Take your favorite music outdoor by installing outdoor speakers. Throw the best house party of the summer by setting up a DJ’s booth.

These are just 70+ ways to make your patio look stunning. There are certainly more ways to make it look unique and charming. There’s no limit to patio designs if you just use your imagination. So go get it done and make your patio the envy of your neighbours.

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