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7 Top Ideas for your Outdoor Glass Rooms Extension

Outdoor Glass rooms extensions are typically for enjoying your garden view.

It is a good area to relax while not having to worry about the rain, the heat of the sun or even the winter cold.

Aside from just enjoying your garden view, there are other functions that you may not have considered yet for glass room extensions.

Let's look at my top list.

Indoor Garden

Flowers and plants make the best decoration for your sunroom. Not to mention the fact that these can improve the quality of air in the room. Pick out your favorite plants and bring them inside to give your glass room or conservatory a more natural look.

Indoor Garden

Dining Space

Do you love eating at restaurants with a view? Make your glass room extension a beautiful dining area and enjoy your meals with the family.

Dining Space

Star Gazing

If you’re into stargazing and cloud watching or just want to have the feel of being under the sky, then a glass roof is ideal for you.

Starry Sky

Indoor Pool

Love swimming? Build your pool inside your sunroom and you don’t have to worry about the changing weather. Take advantage of the extra outdoor room space.

Indoor Pool

Playroom and Study Room

Turn your conservatory into a playroom/study room for your kids. Being surrounded by nature is conducive to studying and helps enhance creativity. Giving your children this type of space will certainly help them build on their skills. Put books and get inspired with the most beautiful libraries in the world.

Children's Playroom

Game Room

Invite friends and play billiards or tabletop football while enjoying the view and the natural lighting. Put a poker table and don’t forget the esky for your grog.

Billiard Table

Dance Room

Dance all day and night. Turn that extra space into a ballroom of your own. Glass will make the space look bigger.

Man dancing

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