Pergola Design Ideas for 2022

  Welcome the year (and your guests) with a yard that boasts a stunning pergola. Big or small, we cover some of the most popular and gorgeous pergola design ideas for your space.  

Go Green

2022 brings to spotlight earth tones plus the colors green and blue. So the first on our list of outdoor improvement ideas is splashing your structure with green. Not the gloomy kind of green but the cheery one. And no, you don’t have to paint the structure with green. Pergola Design Ideas for 2020 Think about throwing your old pillowcases and changing it with green to give your pergola a fresh and revitalized look. Don’t limit yourself with just the pillowcases. If you have a white wicker chair, you can also up your chair game by changing the fabric. Green will make your sofa pop and look more interesting.  

Hear the chirps

Make your pergola even more interesting by hanging a birdcage on one of the beams. It’s up to you if you want it to be just a decorative piece or actually put birds on them. If you only want to use it for decoration, you can buy a small one and place it either on the center of your table or on the floor. But don’t be afraid to go big as you can place them anywhere in your pergola. For inspiration, look for some creative ideas on the internet. On the other hand, if you wish to have birds as pets, make sure you clean the birdcage regularly. The last thing you need in your backyard oasis is the smell of bird poop. Pergola Design Ideas for 2020  

Let it flow

Another hot pergola design idea on our list is the addition of drapes. Add a touch of luxury and soften the look of your structure with white flowy drapes. Not that it is only aesthetically great for your pergola but it can also serve as an added layer of protection from the sun. During romantic evenings, you can utilise the drapes for privacy.  

Mixed patterns

Mixed patterns were huge in 2022, and they still are this year. If you have a monochromatic sofa under your pergola, you can make it interesting by draping it with an artsy patchwork patterned throw blanket. Again, don’t limit your imagination to this. Think of your carpets, drapes, and table clothes. Pergola Design Ideas for 2020  

Faux pas no more

Forget about the real thing. This year, faux is in. Home designers are acknowledging the reliability and affordability of faux materials as compared to the authentic ones that’s why it’s becoming a popular choice. There are tons of really affordable outdoor furniture available featuring faux wood or leather.  

Pergola alive

Bring your pergola to life by planting plants around the area. You could make a living wall on a wall adjacent to your pergola to make the whole space come alive. Better yet, plant climbing plants on the base of your pergola and let them thrive until they’ve created a canopy of greens. There are lots of climbing plants you can choose from. Some of the most popular ones are wisteria, honeysuckle, and morning glory. To learn more about climbing plants for pergolas, check out this blog on the topic.   Need a stunning pergola? We can help. Call 02 9872 7716 today!

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