6 Expensive Mistakes When Buying a Pergola in Sydney


Your pergola design is ready and your budget is all set. Before you work on your new project, make sure to read this guide and avoid the 6 expensive mistakes people make, especially if you are in Sydney.


Remember, cheap quotes can sometimes be deceptive and work out more expensive in the long run. A good value pergola should have high-quality materials that can withstand all seasons and a finish that is robust and definitely built to last.

Here are the important things you should add on your checklist.



1. Warranty Details

Some builders may advertise 10 or 15 year warranties but in fact they are only manufacturing warranties covering just some materials like aluminum and steel which we know are going to stand the test of time.

It’s the workmanship that really matters.

Make sure to ask your builder what their warranty covers.



2. Materials to Use

The quality of materials can make a massive difference.

For example, polycarbonate roofing materials from a reputable supplier can last for decades. Cheap grade materials can deteriorate much more rapidly in the sunlight, becoming brittle and prone to cracking in a much shorter time.

Find a builder who is happy to talk you through all the different materials available on the market, their benefits and associate price differences.



3. Pergola Builders

There are builders and there are pergola builders. Find out how long has your builder been specifically in the pergola building business.

Check their Google reviews to know what others are saying about their experience.

Ask for some proof of historic builds. You need a builder who can specialise on custom- built pergolas so your design will be followed.

Have a chat with your builder and ask for some project photos.



4. Insurance

Make sure your builder has a builders’ license number and a home warranty insurance. This may be obvious but there are still many builders who don’t offer these.

There are some builders who are all about the short term dollar and will cut short the job and materials to stretch their profit margins.

A pergola is a considerable investment and you deserve the peace of mind to know that your builder has been professionally recognised and that you also have insurance should the worst happen!



5. Council Approval

Do you need council approval for the job?

Regulations can change over time and also differ depending upon the area where you live. For example, if your proposed build is higher than the existing gutter line of the house, then you might need a council approval.

These regulations vary from one council to the other so choose a builder who is happy to look after the council approval process for you. Leave it to the experts as the consequences for making a mistake can be very costly!



6. Special Fire Regulations

Lastly, just like the council approvals, people sometimes forget to check if their property is subject to special fire regulations. This can result in the tearing down of a new build if it is not compliant with local fire regulations.

Ask your builder and they should be able to advise you for example, if there are restrictions on using timber products. If a fire safety complaint is subsequently lodged, and enforced, then you may be forced into some costly rebuilding work.

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