5 Interesting Pergola Ideas: A Top Landscape Trend in 2020

5 Interesting Pergola Ideas: A Top Landscape Trend in 2020

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) has spoken and pergola is in the list of top landscape trends for 2019.


Did you pause and ask “Umm… What’s a pergola?”


A pergola is an “outdoor garden feature forming a shaded area” It has been around since ancient times . Egyptians used pergolas to house figs and grapes while the Romans have adapted the practice of growing vines for wine making.

Pergola Grapes

You’re probably thinking “I’m not making wine so what is the point of having a pergola?

Three things – provides shade, defines space and perfect for climbing vines .

Now that you are still interested to know more, take a look at this beautiful DIY project recently posted by atljar which already has 2,000 views only after 2 days.

Pergola Atljar

Image Source: https://imgur.com/a/5mXfc3N

It is not an overnight project and it will take a lot of your time. To go DIY and buy pergola kits in Bunnings or hire pergola builders is a decision you must really think about. Watch this if you are ready to build your own decks and pergolas.


Take note that you may need a permit to put up a pergola in Sydney if it doesn’t follow the government’s allowed requirements for exemption.


“A pergola is exempt by item 16 of Schedule 3, providing it is:

    • – not more than 20m² in floor area; and
    • – not more than 3.6m in height; and
    • – located no further forward on the allotment than the front wall of the building to which it is appurtenant;or
    • – located no further forward than 2.5m of the front wall of the building to which it is appurtenant.”


And the fun part is of course deciding your own pergola design. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

1. Do you go for a pergola with a roof? What material should you choose? Here are some good choices – Polycarbonate Roofing, Insulated Roof Panel or Colorbond Roofing.

Pergola Roofing Materials

2. Or a classic pergola with beautiful climbing plants?

White Pergola

3. Want it white but plain? How about a Boho look.


Image Source: https://www.countryliving.com/home-design/decorating-ideas/g25596084/pergola-ideas/?slide=13


4. Or something classic and romantic?

Backyard Pergola

Image Source: https://www.homestratosphere.com/backyard-pergolas/#foobox-11/0/pergola_11-13-2020_24.jpg


5. Perhaps a modern style for the new millennial? You can even put outdoor blinds for added shade.

Modern Pergola

Image Source: http://mymodernhouse.info/17-elegant-pergola-designs-shaded-to-perfection/


Whatever pergola design you choose will be perfect as long as it represents you.

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