5 Amazing Patio Restaurants in the World You Have To Try

Image Attribution: Stan Shebs [GFDLCC BY-SA 3.0 or CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons


Restaurants are not just measured by the quality of food. The location and the ambiance they offer are significant factors that make an elite selection of foodie hubs really stand out from the rest. Here are some of the most spectacular patio and outdoor restaurants in the world you have to experience:

  1. Auberge Du Soleil – Napa Valley, California

    Set up high above the valley, Auberge Du Soleil gives you the breathtaking view of Napa. In French, it means “The Sun Inn”. It started out as a restaurant in 1983, and a resort was added later. The interiors were designed by legendary Californian designer Michael Taylor. The inn is operated by Auberge resorts. Auberge Du Soleil is situated in an 33-acre olive grove on the slopes of Rutherford, California. The Mediterranean-inspired design continues to be a timeless destination for its quaint and romantic appeal.

  2. Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill – Miami, Florida

    Situated right outside the heart of midtown Miami, the bar exudes the feeling of escape. It’s a place full of warmth and comfort to ease your city-braised mind. The 4,200 square foot restaurant with its 850 square foot fence was designed by renowned design firm CetraRuddy. The enormous size of the place doesn’t take away its intimate appeal. Its private gallery space captures the restaurant’s essence of intimacy. The place’s tag line is “kick back, eat well and stay awhile”.

  3. Linger – Denver, Colorado

    The rooftop wine and dine place is situated in Denver and boasts a perfect view of the skyline and the majestic Rockies. It is known as Denver’s most famous “eatuary”, wordplay for this foodie destination which used to be a well known mortuary. If you appreciate the odd and the macabre, you’d love the decor. There are vintage funeral fans, a church pew, and a huge Harold and Maude photo.

    5 Amazing Patio Restaurants in the World You Have To Try

    Image Attribution: Catherine Shyu on Flickr

  4. Au Petit Patio – Orange, France

    It’s a promising dining spot in the heart of Orange, France. Based on its name, you’d probably guess there’s plenty of available seating outside. And you’re absolutely correct! Au Petit Patio offers a wonderful al fresco dining experience on a patio. The quaint restaurant is nicely appointed and cosy. The menu is typical French provincial menu, and everything is well prepared and tasty. Definitely a must try if you’re somewhere near the area.

  5. The Rooftop Patio At The Met – Manitoba, Canada

    Located on top of one of Canada’s famous landmarks, this rooftop patio is a staple to tourists and locals alike. With the place’s modern design, great ambiance, and delish menu items, it’s a great spot for sunny meetings in the morning or cold and breezy nights out. Not only does it serve great food, the Rooftop Patio At The Met offers a beautiful view especially during the summer.


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