3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Pergola


Spending time outdoors is no doubt a part of the Australian culture. But with your busy schedule, you and your family may not always have the time and opportunity to do so. So what better way to enjoy the views of the outdoors than by giving your family a spectacular outdoor living area? Working with an experienced builder to add a pergola to your home is one of the simplest and best ways to enhance your home.


Here are just some of the benefits of having a pergola:

  1. It Provides Needed Shade – Sure, you and your family enjoy basking in the sun. Whether it’s lounging around on comfortable chairs or running around playing backyard footy, an abundance of sunshine is always welcome. Sadly, the sun’s rays can be quite harmful to your skin. Prolonged exposure makes you vulnerable to skin cancer and heat stroke.

    Having a pergola can give you the much needed shade. What this means is that you can spend a few hours more outside without risking health issues.

  2. It Defines Space – Without pergolas, your outdoor space may look ordinary. And spending time in such an area will be far from relaxing. With a pergola added to your outdoor living space design, you get a beautiful and serene space where you and your loved ones can spend lazy days bonding.

  3. It’s Great For Plants – Another benefit that pergolas deliver is that they make for great plant support. The supporting columns are perfect for creeping or climbing vines. It’s also ideal for hanging plants. The Spruce, an online resource for gardening recommends flowers such as Petunias and Portulacas. Not only do these make everything a lot prettier, they make the outdoor space smell good too.


There’s no question about it. Pergolas are structures that just make your outdoor living space more beautiful. Custom designed and built pergolas can certainly create a calmer and more serene atmosphere that you and your family can enjoy the whole year round.

If you need pergola designs and professional builders to build your dream outdoor living space, call 02 9872 7716 and we’ll provide you with a free quote.

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