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Recent Projects

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A New Signature Range Project

The client asked us to build them a deck and pergola using our best-selling Signature Range design. So we transformed the area by building a pergola with imposing, chunky beams, posts, flashings, and gutters. From just being an ordinary outdoor space, we have successfully transformed the area into a beautiful outdoor area that any homeowner would be proud of.

A Complete Outdoor Transformation

Urban Exteriors transformed the outdoor area of this property and the results were amazing. It has become a legit head turner. Just WOW!

When we first arrived in the property, it was clear that the place needed a total transformation. The property had a pool with a deck that had seen better years. The outdoor living space facing the pool looked dated as well. Everything just looked old and unappealing.



We went to work and built a nice pergola and replaced the metal balustrade with glass, making it look modern and sophisticated. The pool and the deck were enhanced as well and the area was enclosed in a glass fence.

A Stunning Deck and Pergola

There was nothing wrong with the wide open space in this property. It was apparent, the owners took care of the lawn pretty well. But there was nothing special about it too.



Urban Exteriors built a nice pergola and a wooden deck with steps leading to the turf. With these additions, the outdoor space now looks more attractive and functional.

A Signature Build

The original yard was bland and unappealing. The paving had been laid decades ago, the colourbond fence had aged, and the gardens were dead, except for a cherry prunus which the client advised they would like to retain.

During the first meeting with the clients, we discussed what their needs were, and what we could deliver on the budget that was available. The brief was that they wanted the WOW! factor.



To transform the area, a large merbau decking area was built, with steel joists and bearers. The gardens were planted with Pittospoum silver species, and the existing cherry prunus was highlighted within the decking design and turned into a feature. The old colourbond fence was resprayed and all the necesssary services of lighting, water, and drainage were installed underneath the deck.


The pergola was then built from our Signature Build 2016 design, with huge, chunky posts, beams, gutters and flashings, topped off with a 75mm insulated panel roof, complete with lighting.

Why Choose Us?

Practicality And Aesthetics Combined

The Boral paving at this site was 25 years old. The area was basically unusable and in desperate need of a complete transformation.

The clients advised they would like to retain the same layout. Izzy and Garry then came up with the idea to build a merbau decking area, complete with seating.



The pergola roof was constructed using Sunglaze polycarbonate (the "Rolls Royce" of polycarbonate). All beams and posts were made of aluminium, and the flashings were constructed from colourbond steel. The roof style is a fly over sitting on roof extender brackets.

The result says it all...

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